Silent Color


I recently have been working on compiling a collection of comic poems. Most of them are soliloquies, and some monologues. I started thinking, What would a silent poem be? This was one of my first attempts at answering that question. I wasn’t thinking of stained glass when I started out, but in some ways this piece of silent sequential art mirrors that medium.

This piece was actually fully created on a digital tablet. I normally work with pen and paper, but because I was working with something entirely different, I wanted to branch out and create a new style. The silent poem wasn’t exactly what I set out to do originally. I played around with the figures and color till it was what it is. Now when I look at the piece, I can see it as an amalgamation of work that inspires me — Rothko’s square paintings and Bernard Cathelin’s figures.

I don’t know exactly if I “pivot” as I go. I make the first panel and think, What would come next? Other times I meticulously plan out the whole page.

I’ve always really loved making art. I specialized in printmaking in high school, creating my own T shirt business. In college, I moved from drawing to graduating with a public art and photography thesis. After college I became frustrated with the public art process and all of the tools needed. I started doodling more, and playing with my friend’s typewriter, which turned into the comics you see now. 

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