We asked artists: What music are you listening to?


This week, The MV Times Calendar section continues prying into the lives of local artists and writers. We love to browse through other people’s music collections, and then judge them ruthlessly based on whether their private playlists tend more towards Bach or Beiber. So we asked:

What’s on your playlist these days? What songs are on heavy repeat on your car stereo or Spotify account?

  • Coldplay, I just love the new album! One of my favorites is Diego Torres, an Argentine singer. I fell in love with his music during a visit to Buenos Aires in the mid-90’s and forgot who he was until another visit in 2004. Luckily, I bought a CD when driving around Patagonia, as there are no radio stations. I often listen to his music when creating artwork and at the gallery. —Louisa Gould
  • Johnny Hoy, Kate Taylor, and Jemima James if we are dancing. —Nancy Aronie
  • I listen to the Rolling Stones pretty consistently, a lot of Psychic TV. I started listening to Elliott Smith again, but I had to cut myself off because you can’t listen to too much Elliott Smith in the winter unless you want to get really depressed. —Colin Ruel
  • Lots of SoundCloud electronica mixes, and I’ve been listening to a lot of the Oak Bluffs station 105.5 WYOB in the car lately. —Christopher Wright
  • Carly Simon, Brookville, Ivy, James Taylor, Peter, Paul and Mary, Cat Stevens, Philip Glass, Bach. —Carol Brown Goldberg
  • Louis Armstrong. —Paul Karasik
  • I’m a Pandora girl myself, and I’ve been listening heavily to streams inspired by Clannad, Depeche Mode, the Bee Gees, Etta James, Arcangelo Corelli, and Bach. It depends on what I am painting. —Elizabeth Whelan
  • Courtney Barnett, Pink, Adele, Nina Violet, Jemima James, Drake, Amanda Palmer. —Geraldine Brooks
  • I lean heavily on the passion and creativity of Bruce Springsteen’s works. —Deborah T. Colter
  • Lots of Antonín Dvořák. I’m a beginner violist, and classical has been speaking to me much louder these days. I love getting pumped up with Hans Zimmer’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” soundtracks. But I crank Beyoncé otherwise, or bluegrass; it depends what I’m working on. Sometimes it’s Disney music when I’m working on kids’ illustrations. —Danielle Mulcahy

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