Traeger di Pietro: On the Warehouse Floor

I have been shooting these images since I got a phone with a camera, six or seven years ago. I like to call the theme “On the warehouse floor.” While I’m at work as a soft drink delivery man, in the warehouse, I often see oil spills or some type of debris on the floor that reminds me of an animal, person, or another everyday object. Even though I’m at work, I still feel creative and imaginative. I try to share this way of seeing so other people can do the same thing if they choose. It’s just another perspective and way to look at things. For example, I’ll see a piece of cardboard or plastic on the floor and put it next to the oil spill beside it.  Suddenly, it’s a man blowing bubbles. Usually these creations are very quick and simplistic: about 90 percent of the image is already there.I guess it’s just a fun way to work, and see. — Traeger di Pietro

Traeger di Pietro has a B.F.A. in studio art from the University of Maine, Orono. He lives and works on Martha’s Vienard ad shows his work at The Field Gallery in West Tisbury and North Water Gallery in Edgartown.

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