Donna Straw


When I was getting my master’s degree in fine art, I decided to do very large architectural pieces. This was a style I just gravitated to. I was taping with acrylics, where you press the tape down and you layer the paint. It’s a very clean, crisp process. I blow-dry it dry and pull the tape off. It’s very tedious, but I was able to articulate what I wanted to say.

I’ve always loved acrylics. I don’t know if I have the temperament to wait for paint to dry. Then, for a while, I didn’t use the tape at all. I was painting stone walls. I love modeling the rocks; I was rock obsessed. I had felt like if I tape, I’m going to be restricted, so I changed my style. But now I’ve returned to taping. I found it liberated me because it was a style that I had mastered and felt comfortable with before. I could pop the color and play with my love of design in a more stylized and imaginative way. Using imagery, and a color palette that speaks to me emotionally, helps me to make stronger connections to others.

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